Sundang Island: DIY Survival Tips and Guide

Man oh man, I wish I could go back easily


Sundang Island: DIY Survival Tips and Guide


My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 4th year anniversary this August. I always try to make special occasions like this memorable. So when I read in some blogs that you can actually rent an island for only P3,400, I did not hesitate. The search for another anniversary getaway stopped when I learned about Sundang Island.


Can you imagine what’s on my mind while looking at this?

Sundang Island is located at Barangay Lumot, Cavinti, Laguna. The rate is good for 2 persons and it goes for P3,400 on weekdays and P4,400 on weekends and holidays. The charge for additional guest is P700 per head. Reservations is a must. If you want to book a slot, you may contact them on Facebook. They are very responsive and can accommodate your questions. You can also book Sundang Island through Airbnb and get P1,100 off your stay by using my link here.


When you drop off at Napocor, Kuya Tony will pick you up in a private boat


If you wish to escape from your demanding schedule for two days, Sundang Island is a well-favored place for you. If you want an extraordinary staycation, this is the right place. It’s a 10-minute boat ride away from the port so it’s very quiet and relaxing. The vibes can be very cozy because of the trees and the lake, surrounding the wooden-built cabin-like vacation house.


How to go to Sundang Island?

I’m a DIY fan when it comes to traveling. I know that it is an adventure when you travel by commuting. So here’s what we experienced en route to Sundang Island:

  1. Board a bus with a route to Sta. Cruz-Pagsanjan at HM Bus Terminal, Edsa, Cubao. First trip leaves at 3am. According to them, bus leaves every hour. The fare is P140. You may tell the driver to drop you off at Pagsanjan if you want to assure that you’re in the right place. But lol, you’ll know since their terminal is located at Pagsanjan.
  2. We left the terminal at around 4:30am. I really like traveling at this kind of time. It amazes me how we passed through Edsa from Cubao to Paranaque within 30 minutes. Haha!
  3. By 8:30am, we were already at Pagsanjan. According to our contact from Sundang Island, there’s a jeep going to Brgy. Lumot, Cavinti in front of the terminal. But Alex and I took a little detour from the wet market nearby for our food and that’s where we rode a jeep to Cavinti. The fare is P20.
  4. Unfortunately, jeeps going to Cavinti from that place (or at least the jeep that we accidentally rode on to) will not pass by Brgy. Lumot. The driver suggested that he’ll drop us off at Cavinti’s town proper where we can ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Lumot. If this happened to you, never tell the locals that you’re going to Sundang Island. They are not yet familiar with the place. Ask them about Lumot or NAPOCOR. Anyway, the fare for the tricycle is P20. From NAPOCOR, Kuya Tony will pick you up, then you’ll board the boat to Sundang Island. The roundtrip boat ride is included in your island rental.
  5. Assuming that you checked out already, wondering how to go back to HM Bus Terminal? Wait in front of NAPOCOR for jeeps going to Sta. Cruz. Then tell the driver to drop you off at HM Terminal Station. The fare is P37.

Our travel time from Brgy. Lumot to HM Bus Terminal took around an hour. I believe this is the suggested route even when you’re en route to Sundang Island from Pagsanjan. I don’t know what happened haha.


Tips when staying at Sundang Island

  • Be kind. Not just to people but to every living creatures. Aside from Kuya Tony’s family, three more lovely fellas are staying at Sundang Island. You’ve probably read them from other blogs: Ghanima and Polka. But when we got there, another furry friend welcomed us. It’s Rambo. According to Kuya Tony, he took Rambo and let him stay at the Sundang Island since the huskies don’t bark. Rambo barks a lot. But he is VERY friendly. We spent most of our time with him since Polka and Ghanima were chained during that time.


You can find Polka and Ghanima’s photos online. But here’s the newest baby in the island – Rambo!


  • Buy ALL of your things ahead. Like what I said earlier, Sundang Island is off the grid. Although they have most of the kitchen things that you need for cooking, you must have everything that you need before boarding your boat. Everything as in from your food (meat, rice, condiments, oil, charcoal, etc.) up to your personal necessities (shampoo, soap, and the like.) Make sure that you have your medicines with you just to be safe. They also offer free drinking water which comes from mountain springs nearby. But if you are sensitive, just bring one. A roundtrip boat ride if everything fails and you need a ride back will cost you P180 (roundtrip).


I think any part of this place is really instgrammable. Look at the kitchen!


  • Charge everything. Although there is a strong signal (Globe user here if you’d like to ask) at Sundang Island, there is no available electricity here. I think I like it that way since you aren’t there to catch up with your favorite TV show or stay connected in the Digital World. Bringing a power bank is a good idea.


Mandatory interior shot


  • But don’t worry if your camera’s battery drained during your pictorials and photo ops. Kuya Tony turns the generator on from 6pm to 12 midnight. According to Antares/Herbert, Sundang Island’s contact, you may request for an extension. They will charge you P100 per hour.
  • Bring mosquito repellant. You need them. You WILL need them.


There’s a separate study room. A good place for Edgar Allan Poe-ing


  • Treat Sundang Island like it’s your own place. Put everything back in order. If you played with scrabbles, place it back in its proper location when you’re done. Wash your dishes. Sweep the floor. Segregate your trash. Kuya Tony will not do those chores for you.
  • Don’t be too noisy. Just don’t. It’s a common courtesy, I believe. Especially at night time. Aside from the fact that you are disturbing the islands nearby, consider that Kuya Tony and his family are also enjoying their private time. If you don’t want to be bothered, don’t bother anyone as well.


The island is ourssssss!


  • Early check in is possible. Alex and I overlooked at the scheduled check in time. We thought that the check in time was at 11am. We were terribly wrong as the check in time at Sundang Island was 2pm. Damn, we were already at NAPOCOR at around 10:00am. Luckily for us, there were no prior guests before us. If you want to do this, ask them at least a day before so they can prepare. And you’ll know, too if it’s available.
  • Be a responsible guest. When it’s time to leave, leave. Consider that Kuya Tony may don’t want to interfere with your personal space and would simply wait for you when it’s time to check out. And again, I’d like to repeat that you should take care of the house as if it is yours. Clean and handle everything with care.


4 years


  • HAVE FUN IN YOUR OWN WAYS. Alex and I have our own busy lives. He’s a sales coach, I’m a Social Media Analyst. We need this time off to relax and chill out. Sundang Island offers various simple enjoyable things. They have playing cards, chips, and different board games. They have three furry babies who can help you appreciate the little things in the world. According to our contact, you can go fishing. They are renting their rods out for P150 a day, just bring your own bait. Lake tour is also available. It’s P350 for up to five people and P50 for additional guests. There’s day-ay for the bonfire. And yes, you can go swimming at the lake, though you have to be more mindful since it is different from swimming in the ocean. I almost forgot, there are available mats, chairs, and wooden tables if in case you want to dine al fresco.


“Kain tayo sa labas!” “Okay!”


Another shot kasi chaka si Alex sa una haha


As for our favorite part, Alex and I spent most of our time doing nothing haha. We had fun cooking our food since we don’t really cook in our daily lives. We’re amazed that we can actually cook delicious food. We also played with chess, they have lots of it. But we got so addicted to card games. We played tong its and in between. And for that, I owe him P130 haha! We don’t have many photos. I’m not sure why. Perhaps we got so carried away with how calming the Sundang Island is that moving became so much harder than ever. Try dining outside. We had our breakfast near the lake and I guess it’s one of the cheesiest things that we did during our time there.


Morning view – one of the most memorable spot!


Book your slot and stay at Sundang Island by contacting them on their Facebook page. Get P1,100 off from your bill if you booked your getaway through Airbnb by using my link.


Have fun doing nothing at Sundang Island!



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