Peredo’s Lodging House: Relive History At This Doll House in Baguio City

Peredo’s Lodging House: Relive History At This Doll House

I believe Baguio is the fairest of them all – or perhaps, I haven’t seen everything. But talking about the places that I’ve been to, my love for Baguio is as big as my soft heart. It’s been a year since I’ve been to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Actually, I visited the place way back in August of 2016 with my boyfriend to celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary. It was a quick visit since we can’t take a leave for two days. But that overnight stay in Baguio is worth every penny – and worth every blog! Hahaha. I will dedicate this article on where we stayed, at the Peredo’s Lodging House.

Peredo’s Lodging House at 5 C.M. Recto St, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines



Quick fact about Peredo’s Lodging House – this amazing doll house-like merges history and tranquility. This American-style home was built in 1915. So imagine the memories that happened to this house. I’ve read in some blogs that back in 1990, Peredo’s Lodging House was one of the few establishments that survived an earthquake. So for a while, it was the refuge of some friends and family while enduring trauma from the disaster. It also became the sanctuary for activist during Martial Law era. Meetings were held here. Carrying much history, the National Museum installed a marker at the house which states that Peredo’s Lodging House is an important cultural property.


Alex and I


I always knew that Peredo’s Lodging House will be a good place to stay for our special day. We already booked a room for two back in July for an overnight stay in August.  The rate then was 950php for a room that is good for 2 people. Some would say that it was already pricey for an inn in Baguio. I’d say that I am not only after the price. I chose Peredo’s Lodging House to feel what a girl felt when she stayed here back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. I want to be the girl that someone would think of when she would stay here in the next hundred years. That’s more favorable than staying in cheap inns. Heck, that’s even more iconic than staying in an expensive hotel, right?


Oh look, it’s there!

Reality exceeds my expectation as always. Before anything else, I’d like to say this first – Peredo’s Lodging House is the kind of house that I want to have in the future for my family. I’d like to hear my children’s footsteps as they run around the wooden floors while playing bang sack or a simple catching game. I’d like to see them play patintero or tumbang preso at the huge front yard someday. If only I was born rich, I’d stay here with my family every year. If I were rich, I’d probably build a house like this, too.



Peredo’s Lodging House is a good place to unwind and reminisce. Whenever I look at it, I always thought that it looks like a doll house. It has 6 rooms with different sizes. 2 of their largest room can only accommodate a maximum of 4 people. If you are a big group, you can rent the whole house which can accommodate a total of 17 participants. Of course, rates will vary. It changes during the lean and off season. Good thing for us, our anniversary was set in August. So the price is a little bit lower.


Peredo’s Lodging House 2nd Floor


One of the rooms. This one looks like ours. But Room 1 is located downstairs. I did not shoot a photo of our room since it’s messy haha


This room has a veranda. I think it’s more pricey than the rest.


Alex and I stayed in Room 1 of Peredo’s Lodging House. It has 1 double bed. The room was strategically located beside the bathroom so there wouldn’t be any problem if you want to use it at night (except when you’re scared and your imagination is too creative. Yes, I am talking about Alex haha). They provide free usage of towels, soap, and shampoo, along with sheets, pillows, and blankets. There were no electric fans available, too. I guess it is not necessary. With trees around, it was already cold enough to use two blankets.


View from the stairs


Peredo’s Lodging House also offers free usage of their kitchen. It is a good benefit for people who want to save and cook most of their meals here. Not for Alex and I, though. We’re bad at it haha.  For groups who are not renting the whole house, Peredo’s Lodging House also serve free continental breakfast with unlimited coffee. I am acidic and coffee actually ruins my tummy. But when Alex said that it’s Benguet coffee, I did not doubt anymore and tried it. No regrets. I promised myself to never drink a coffee unless it’s from Benguet.


Peredo’s Lodging House on a painting

The people of Peredo’s Lodging House are really nice, too! I remember on our first day, we came earlier than expected. Checking time is 2 pm but we were already there at around 11 am. The lady, whose name is I forgot, told us that we can leave our bags there. It’s safe, guys! When we get back, they are all there. Alex and I are also the kind of couple who are still kids at heart. We are so makulit. But still, they are patient enough to cater our needs. The number one thing that I always look for people is their smile. During our 22-hour stay at Peredo’s Lodging House, the staff would always smile whenever they see or talk to us.


Good morning, Baguio!

I’m not sure if their rates increased. But if you’re looking for a quality place to stay over when you visit Baguio, try Peredo’s Lodging House. Every part of the house is instagrammable, I swear. Sadly, I lost their cell phone number. But they are responsive on their Facebook page. Reservation should be made at least 5 days prior to your date. You have to deposit a 50% downpayment to secure your spot, of course. You can deposit them through BPI. Just don’t forget to bring the receipt. In any transaction, it is a requirement to check them for validation.


This photo will always remind me of my old doll house.


I can still smell the house from here


Have a great stay at Peredo’s Lodging House!




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